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22 September 2016 @ 12:17 am
Vol. 2, Issue 37  

Happy Birthday, Hakkai!

Birthday Tweet from Minekura


Ebay Auctions started in the last 7 days


Saiyuki Discord Chat


Sanzo and Goku by jdeechan

Kougaiji by Twilightpen

Hakkai by danikatze

Hakkai by Pervybanana

Bunny Koumyou by marikukitten

Knitted Hakuryuu posted by rurounichan

Hakkai by jenniferstoltzerGojyo by bigteeth

Video – Gojyo & Goku do the YES by thooluu

Sanzo by li-han

Lirin’s Dragon by sharak


Sturm und Drang by Kirathaune

During thunderstorms, Goku experiences flashbacks from his fight with Youkai!Hakkai.

Heavy Stone by BridgeTroll

AU in which the Sanzo-Ikkan is plucked from Shangri-La, dumped into a house, given the run-around, and then put back into Shangri-La with an additional lust demon and also a chimera that sounds like Markiplier.

Lady Lirin’s Love Plan by Late4f8

After the battle, Sanzo reluctantly acknowledges that Lirin has matured, but finds she still enjoys making a little mischief.

The Soldiering Life by EzraTheBlue

As bombs fall on Paris and the Great War reaches a fever pitch, Jim volunteers for the Royal Army, and Hank is conscripted. Four young men face the perils of the Western Front, only able to depend on one another if they have any hope of survival. A World War I AU.

Dust by BottledUpWishes

It is no mistake that the Heavens envision Seiten Taisei in celestial clothing and fierce expression, and no one’s been able to learn who coined his title as the Great Sage Equalling Heaven for a good reason.

You’ve Got Something by EzraTheBlue

A baker with flour on his cuffs and apron meets a mechanic with grease on his face. Between friends, exes, work, and circumstance, things get messy from there.

Bad Company by Space_Kitten_from_Planet_Pheromone

Constantly on high alert, Genjo Sanzo, the egotistic president of Kinzan Publishing Co., had always derided the threats made on his life. Like hell he cared about that. Putting Son Goku, his ever-optimistic, ever-dogging assistant, in said harm’s way, however, caused the pompous man to seek and spill blood for the first time in his solitary life.

Merciful by Guro_Star

Kanzeon Botsu had been observing the concept of pain for years.

Years Later by gokuxguinevere

Three years after their mission, they have started to live a normal life. They continued to grow up together, points of views have changed, some have remained and they are set to discover more as their lives go on.

Goku turned into a girl! by Maharl100

The Sanzo-party were fighting a group of demons, during the fight Goku gets hit with a dart and passes out, when he wakes up he’s a Female. What will happen? How will the party treat him? Will Female Goku be forced to wear a dress? Can Gojyo keep his paws off? Will Kougaji take pitty on the Sanzo-party? Will Goku ever be a boy again? SanzoXGoku

Rites of Passage by triune

The minuswave is getting stronger and affecting more and more people these days. What will happen if one of the ikkou decides to give in?