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12 September 2016 @ 02:17 am
Vol. 2, Issue 36  

New Reload Blast Chapter!

shot 4. “Kouten” chapter 10 – locked to saiyuki_manga


Ebay Auctions started in the last 7 days


Saiyuki Discord Chat


Sanzo by medovukha

Dokugakuji by Twilightpen – plus Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai, and Hakuryuu

Sanzo Body Pillow by Sanzaki Kojika

More chapters of Undone by Bubblefine

Hazel and Gat by Thienaultha

Gojyo in Drag by Sinnocence


Days are Nights and Nights Bright Days by athena_crikey

He’s lived his life dreaming of the past, of another self, another life. But old sins have long shadows, and old tasks can’t be left undone. Reincarnation fic/Modern AU.

Heavy Stone by BridgeTroll

AU in which the Sanzo-Ikkan is plucked from Shangri-La, dumped into a house, given the run-around, and then put back into Shangri-La with an additional lust demon and also a chimera that sounds like Markiplier.

River of Stars by Vathara

Two years ago, an SGC/Tok’ra mission on Shangri-La went badly wrong. The local Goa’uld Queen took advantage… and the survivors just found their way home. AKA, Saiyuki in SG-verse AU. Sanzo meets the Tok’ra. Blood will out.

Years Later by gokuxguinevere

Three years after their mission, they have started to live a normal life. They continued to grow up together, points of views have changed, some have remained and they are set to discover more as their lives go on.

And It Was Good by EzraTheBlue

Gojyo is convinced into performing oral sex for the first time.

You’ve Got Something by EzraTheBlue

A baker with flour on his cuffs and apron meets a mechanic with grease on his face. Between friends, exes, work, and circumstance, things get messy from there.

Like a Monkey in a Tree, Like a Kappa in Water by EzraTheBlue

Jien’s the man of the house, so it’s his responsibility to teach Gojyo vital skills. Especially the ones that just might make him smile.

Revenge is Savory by EzraTheBlue

Sanzo takes one too many shots at Gojyo, but Gojyo takes revenge by sabotaging Sanzo’s favorite condiment. How will Sanzo survive without his precious mayonnaise? More importantly, how long will Gojyo find his suffering funny?

at death, a proclamation by valenstyne

Life and Breath by tsutsuji

Reactions set in and unexpected feelings surface after the battle with Chin Yisou. (Spoilers for episode 12 of the first series.)