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06 September 2016 @ 03:01 am
Vol. 2, Issue 35  

New Chapter!

Scans of the latest Reload Blast chapter, courtesy of Saiyuki Scans


Ebay Auctions started in the last 7 days


Art post on Minekura’s Twitter (and a Wild Adapter one too!)

New prompt (and another!) at saiyuki-kinks (LJ)

Comments on Ichijinsha’s page for the Saiyuki 20th Anniversary


Sanzo by Paper-Umbrella

Undone (Comic) by Bubblefine

Saiyuki Tarot by asaladholdsapen

Sanzo and Goku by Minerva0629

Sanzo Party Pairing Collection by Waifine Part 2 – also Goku and Pippi

Gojyo and puppies by Thooluu

Seiten Taisei and Sanzo (NSFW) by Meisexy

Sanzo and Goku by Twilightpen

Hazel and Gat by Particleghosts

Konzen by Niki-lah – also, Koumyou, Gojyo, and Hakkai

by big-teeth

Another Japanese Twitter user who posts/retweets a lot of Saiyuki fanart


Wild Flower by Morenna Quinn (Prey4Redemption)

It was raining the night that I died. I had just lost everything that had ever held any scrap of meaning, so what did I care if I slowly bled to death, lying face first in a puddle of mud mixed with my own vomit and blood? My wife, my home, my sanity; it had all been stolen from me in a matter of moments.

Staying Straight by EzraTheBlue

Three years out of jail and on parole, an ex-gang punk-turned-courier meets an eccentric young man thirty days out of a state asylum. They form an unusual bond, which may be the only thing that keeps both of them on the right path. STORY ENDS AT CHAPTER 37. EXTENDED EPILOGUE BEGINS AT CHAPTER 38!

A Guilty Hate by Taroschain

Oneshot: Sometimes, Gojyo reflected, he really hated Kanaan.

Days are Nights and Nights Bright Days by athena_crikey

He’s lived his life dreaming of the past, of another self, another life. But old sins have long shadows, and old tasks can’t be left undone. Reincarnation fic/Modern AU.

Heavy Stone by BridgeTroll

AU in which the Sanzo-Ikkan is plucked from Shangri-La, dumped into a house, given the run-around, and then put back into Shangri-La with an additional lust demon and also a chimera that sounds like Markiplier.

Saiyuki Gaiden: Thanks For The Memories by Red-Weasel-Chan

When a heretic child comes into Heaven, he affects the lives of six people. “Awesome! You’re shining, like the sun!”, “Mama!”, “Nataku, about my name- I’m Goku. Nice to meet you.”, “Aya-nee, will you protect me too?” “I don’t care where I go as long as I can be with you. I’ll go with you where ever you go. I love you all a lot so, so… Stay with me always, OK?”