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30 August 2016 @ 12:33 am
Vol. 2, Issue 34  

7th Night Fic Reminder – Keep on reading (and commenting)!


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Translation of a Saiyuki/WA Seiyuu Event by curious-platypus


Sanzo teaching Goku to read by Niki-lah

Sanzo’s Demon Mark by Seiten-Taisei

Hakkai by Milkynokcha

Goku’s Ramen Hoodie by SuddenlyMerrill

Sanzo Sketches by Dorito-Nerd

Jeep/Hakuryuu by SuddenlyMerrill

Bird Goku Doodles by Seiten-Taisei

Saiyuki Guys as Animal Crossing Villagers by Seiten-Taisei

Random Gemsona Saiyuki boys Doodles by Seiten-Taisei

Here is a link to a Japanese Twitter user who posts/retweets a bunch of adorable Saiyuki fanart.

(Please note, I will only post individual fanart links when I can track it back to the artist’s page/blog/etc.)

Fanfiction (AND A LOT OF FIC, TOO!)

Bad Company by Space_Kitten_from_Planet_Pheromone

Constantly on high alert, Genjo Sanzo, the egotistic president of Kinzan Publishing Co., had always derided the threats made on his life. Like hell he cared about that. Putting Son Goku, his ever-optimistic, ever-dogging assistant, in said harm’s way, however, caused the pompous man to seek and spill blood for the first time in his solitary life.

Missions by Zaney_hacknslash

Before the boys set out on their journey west, Sanzo employs Hakkai and Gojyo in an often-brutal firm, hiring them to do everything from take back priceless relics to fight off undesirables. Through these so-called Missions, the two of them learn more about each other and develop and unbreakable bond.

Dust by BottledUpWishes

It is no mistake that the Heavens envision Seiten Taisei in celestial clothing and fierce expression, and no one’s been able to learn who coined his title as the Great Sage Equalling Heaven for a good reason.

Bishounen Justice League by nochick_fics

Pretty boys from fandoms far and wide protect their beloved Semeopolis from danger.

The Crooked Kind by lepetiterik

Childhood ends the moment we realize our parents have faults and failures of their own.

Heavy Stone by BridgeTroll

AU in which the Sanzo-Ikkan is plucked from Shangri-La, dumped into a house, given the run-around, and then put back into Shangri-La with an additional lust demon and also a chimera that sounds like Markiplier.

Past Lives and Pork Buns by nochick_fics

Hakkai meets two mysterious brothers who remind him of happier times during another life.

Still Hungry? by Chiu-kun

Their journey is over and the gang goes their separate ways. Goku and Sanzo are alone once again. Goku is of course quite hungry, can Sanzo help? Quick summary cuz i explain inside anyway.

The World Goes Round by Lady Rurouni

The Sanzo-ikkou has never been impressed with the gods they’ve met. Life is a lot less painful when they don’t show up. But for some crazy reason, more of them are popping by as if just to hang around. So who is this “Nana-hime” who keeps gazing at them as if she cares? Mystery abounds on the journey west!

Where the rain truly was by Yui Miyamoto

Hakkai visits a familiar desert of memories…