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22 August 2016 @ 01:19 am
Volume 2, Issue 33  


Ebay Auctions
started in the last 7 days (More Volks action figures posted!)


Konzen & Goku by Mori

Mood. by Debz

Saiyuki Nerds by Charmwitch

Saiyuki Pokemon AU Doodles (and Kanzeon) by Seiten-Taisei


Missions by Zaney_hacknslash

Before the boys set out on their journey west, Sanzo employs Hakkai and Gojyo in an often-brutal firm, hiring them to do everything from take back priceless relics to fight off undesirables. Through these so-called Missions, the two of them learn more about each other and develop and unbreakable bond.

Dust by BottledUpWishes

It is no mistake that the Heavens envision Seiten Taisei in celestial clothing and fierce expression, and no one’s been able to learn who coined his title as the Great Sage Equalling Heaven for a good reason.

Days are Nights and Nights Bright Days by athena_crikey

He’s lived his life dreaming of the past, of another self, another life. But old sins have long shadows, and old tasks can’t be left undone. Reincarnation fic/Modern AU.

You’ve Got Something by EzraTheBlue

A baker with flour on his cuffs and apron meets a mechanic with grease on his face. Between friends, exes, work, and circumstance, things get messy from there.

Embrace The Darkness by Sanctify_Serenity

“Name.” It wasn’t a question. Sure they wanted him to state his name for them, but it wasn’t a request. It wasn’t optional. It was an order. Oh but if they knew him even in the slightest they would know just how much he loved taking orders. This had been going on for how long now? Hours? Days? And they hadn’t gotten him to say his stupid name, so clearly continuing the same things would break him right? Wrong. He wouldn’t break. Not if he could help it.

Of Birth and Death and Back Again by Space_Kitten_from_Planet_Pheromone

A long and arduous journey of five lifetimes. Four of which Konzen had to completely endure the whisper of a grief-stricken jeremiad piercing his equally lamenting heart.

The Sinews of the Heart by theskywasblue

Hakkai always assumed he would be the one to go mad.

Jesus' Personal Bitch-Slapper: Rotating Ikkou4bdnsn0wflake on August 22nd, 2016 03:50 am (UTC)
Thank you for the updates!