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15 August 2016 @ 01:10 am
Volume 2, Issue 32  



Ebay Auctions started in the last 7 days (Heads up – there are auctions for the Volks action figures at really good prices!)


Goku by megzenarie
Seiten Taisei & Nataku by alignedcorners
Girl by the Oasis by bunretsugo


And by SleepsWithCoyotes
My friends came back from India, and all I got was this lousy Sanzo. Part 2 of If/And

Bad Company by Space_Kitten_from_Planet_Pheromone
Constantly on high alert, Genjo Sanzo, the egotistic president of Kinzan Publishing Co., had always derided the threats made on his life. Like hell he cared about that. Putting Son Goku, his ever-optimistic, ever-dogging assistant, in said harm’s way, however, caused the pompous man to seek and spill blood for the first time in his solitary life.

If by SleepsWithCoyotes
My friends went to India, and all I got was this lousy ending. Part 1 of If/And

Dust by BottledUpWishes
The fast-paced life of Seiten Taisei long, long before entering Heaven

Days are Nights and Nights Bright Days by athena_crikey
He’s lived his life dreaming of the past, of another self, another life. But old sins have long shadows, and old tasks can’t be left undone. Reincarnation fic/Modern AU.