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03 October 2016 @ 01:29 am


Ebay Auctions started in the last 7 days


7th Night Author Reveals!

Info about Saiyuki Festa, courtesy of veronicacode

Saiyuki Discord Chat


Gojyo and Sanzo by squidbiscuit

Son Goku/Seiten Taisei by polararts

Hakkai by zaney-hacknslash

Hakkai by stirdauntsandrehaunts

Sanzo Ikkou (and Fem!Ikkou) by baronvonriktenstein

The Ikkou as kids by The.wolF

Ukoku/Ni by baronvonriktenstein

Hungry Goku by drunny

Sanzo by bexdoodles

Sanzo by homicidalmagpie

Hakkai by chohakkaifan

Gojyo by squidbiscuit

Fem!Goku by timetravellingshinigami


Isle aux Morts (Island of the Dead): A Romance by samsarapine

An Arctic seas romance.

Heavy Stone by BridgeTroll

AU in which the Sanzo-Ikkan is plucked from Shangri-La, dumped into a house, given the run-around, and then put back into Shangri-La with an additional lust demon and also a chimera that sounds like Markiplier.

Xiyouji ain’t Saiyuki by Idonquixote

Tang Sanzang and his disciples take a nap in the woods, sleep through a storm, and wake up in very pretty bodies. As far as the Tang priest is concerned, this is a horrific catastrophe.

You’ve Got Something by EzraTheBlue

A baker with flour on his cuffs and apron meets a mechanic with grease on his face. Between friends, exes, work, and circumstance, things get messy from there.

Unbreakable Bonds of Crimson by thebeastwithin0016

An untold story from 500 years ago. A reunion with 4 souls who have forgotten. Memories of friendship, love and tragedy… Where will the wheels of fate take them?

Sanzo & Goku Drabble by carrottheluvmachine

Sanzo’s not fitting into any of his clothing.

Dust by BottledUpWishes

It is no mistake that the Heavens envision Seiten Taisei in celestial clothing and fierce expression, and no one’s been able to learn who coined his title as the Great Sage Equalling Heaven for a good reason.

Saiyuki Gaiden: Thanks For The Memories by Red-Weasel-Chan

When a heretic child comes into Heaven, he affects the lives of six people. “Awesome! You’re shining, like the sun!”, “Mama!”, “Nataku, about my name- I’m Goku. Nice to meet you.”, “Aya-nee, will you protect me too?” “I don’t care where I go as long as I can be with you. I’ll go with you where ever you go. I love you all a lot so, so… Stay with me always, OK?”