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10 August 2016 @ 02:59 am
Volume 2, Issue 31  


Ichijinsha’s Saiyuki Page with info about Saiyuki Festa, LINE stickers, and more.

7th Night Fics Posted! locked to 7thNight_Smut on Dreamwidth (It’s easy to join!)


Saiyuki Reload Blast 2017 Calendar available for preorder!

Ebay Auctions started in the last 7 days


Smokin’ by pervybanana

“Gojyo, please stop picking fights with fish” by a danicat


After Class by nochick_fics

The couple indulges in one of Hakkai’s dirty little fantasies

Back to School by nochick_fics

Hakkai needs to work on his lesson plans but Goku has something else in mind.

Now or Never by nochick_fics

Now that school is out, Goku has a confession to make.

Days are Nights and Nights Bright Days by athena_crikey

He’s lived his life dreaming of the past, of another self, another life. But old sins have long shadows, and old tasks can’t be left undone. Reincarnation fic/Modern AU.

Bad Company by Space_Kitten_from_Planet_Pheromone

Constantly on high alert, Genjo Sanzo, the egotistic president of Kinzan Publishing Co., had always derided the threats made on his life. Like hell he cared about that. Putting Son Goku, his   ever-optimistic, ever-dogging assistant, in said harm’s way, however, caused the pompous man to seek and spill blood for the first time in his solitary life.

Wish You Were Here by lepetiterik

The five times Gojyo wished Jien was there and the one time he didn’t.

Seiten Taisei by Cooky365535

Bright golden eyes were looking at the strange man with caution. He was only a small child, but just because he was small does not mean that you should underestimate him.