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11 December 2011 @ 12:49 am
Issue #282/1209  
evilchuckles Family Hakkai/Sanzo NC17, locked to saiyukiyaoi here and saiyuki here
update @ saiyuki_kinks
kami_killer goyjo/hakkai Bodyswap., nc-17

Off LJ

Violent World » by Zaney HacknSlash
Hunted by two powerful, new foes, the team begins to break apart. Loyalty and sanity are questioned, inner demons are unleashed, and for once, making it to India is the least of their problems. All Pov. Epic.
Missions by Zaney HacknSlash
A series of errands Hakkai and Gojyo run for Sanzo during the three years between when they first meet and when Saiyuki begins, the obstacles they face, including learning to live with each other and understanding the bond between them.